Swarg Ashram

The Swarg Ashram is the area between Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula, on the left side of the bank of river Ganga. Swarg Ashram is the main centre for yoga and meditation and considered to be the centre of all yoga and meditation centers in the Rishikesh. This place is well known for various famous ashrams, beautiful surroundings, healthy and divine living. So many shops are also here for shopping. Place is accessible via Ram Jhula bridge by walk or by road via Beraj. Parmarth Niketan, Gita Bhawan, Bhootnath Temple and many other interesting places are part of the Swarga Ashram area.
Swarg ashram is managed by the Swargashram Trust and offers many facilities free of cost to the saints, sages and devotees visiting here. There are hundreds of rooms, halls and many facilities like free food twice a day, a large library of spiritual books, medical facilities, Sanskrit school etc.