Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping or Bungy jumping is an adventure sport which comprises of jumping from a high place with a long elastic cord attached to your body. The high place is normally a construction, bridge or crane. The excitement comes from the freefall and the bounce back. When you jump, the cord stretches and you upwards again as the cord recoils, and continues to move back and forth up and down until all the force is dissipated.

Bungee Jumping Height – 83 metres
Minimum Requirements:

Age for Bungee Jumping : Minimum -12 year Weight for Bungee Jumping : Minimum – 35 kg and Maximum – 110 kg

Jump Rate List Per Person:

BUNGY Rs. 2250/- + E.Tax = Rs. 2700/-

SWING Rs. 2250/- + E.Tax = Rs 2700/-

FLYING FOX Rs. 1333.33/- + E.Tax = Rs 1600/- (3 in tandem) Insistence on doing Flying Fox alone would cost Rs. 2700/- per person

ANY REPEAT JUMP Rs. 2000/- + E.Tax = Rs. 2400 (Bungy/Swing) and Rs. 1000/- + E.Tax = Rs 1200 (Flying Fox)