Ganga Beach Rishikesh

Ganga is considered as one of the holiest and ideal rivers in India. Because Ganga is originated in Gangotri Himalayas hills and flows through many indian states and reaching bay of Bengal. There are so many things to do while in Rishikesh as described here.

Trekking: The Rishikesh city has many trekking paths providing incredible and attractive greenery to delight in. Fresh peak air beating your face, amazing landscapes receiving you gladly and a unique spirit of joy and thrills passing through your heart - you'll get a surprising feel trekking to lofty peaks of Himalayas in Rishikesh. Several private operators give some special packages for trekking to make it more enjoyable experience in the Rishikesh.

White water rafting: Depending upon your knack and energy level, you can have enough of water adventures in Rishikesh. The holy Ganges passes through the town, offering wonderful rafting opportunities. Several private companies provide safety features and other facilities for river rafting in Rishikesh. Basically Shivpuri, about 15km from Rishikesh, is the main point for rafting. Apart from that, you can get start from Brahmpuri and Kaudiyala too, it depends upon the water rapids you want to fight with. The water current in the region ranges from sluggish to untamed, which makes rafting a thing to be done by everyone here.

Cliff jumping: This activity is often related with rafting in Ganges. Near Brahmpuri, where water current is sluggish, people enjoy such class of activities. The cliff jumping is really full of fun activity, but it requires valor and high spirit to jump in bone-chilling water of Ganga from people. But once you do it, the feel is awesome and quite hard to describe in words.

Camping: Aside of cliff jumping and rafting, Rishikesh also offers a peaceful environment to the people for camping. Camping demands a lot of natural facilities because campers want the most unvisited serene environment that gives the full satisfaction to nature, and Rishikesh has these all.Camping along Ganges river, for instance, gives one the satisfaction of swimming and enjoying the natural environment in the most relaxing way.